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Hello it's FATIMA


I was playing today and 5min after playing im getting ban, this is the first time this happen to me i play occasionally, i dont know why im ban.

i'm playing with a familly member and he got ban to because we are on same network i assume

this username is Dr_Who and my username is FATIMA


here our steam profile:

Thanks you in advance for response

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detectet Cheat 2 Plugins haben es erkannt Perma Ban bleibt bestehen !!


Dr_Who wurde als 2 Account geband da er die selbe IP hat.


2024/04/27 16:42:52 [Version 1.7.1] {Name: "FATIMA" | SteamID: STEAM_0:1:188142134 | IP:} was detected and banned for Angle-Cheats (Pitch: 357.92, Yaw: 27.15, Roll: 0.00).

Pos={-403,340,0}, Angles={357.92749,27.15524,0.00000}, Map="dod_orange_4_towers_b2", Team={3}, Weapon="weapon_c96", Latency={Inc:0.005757,Out:0.069677}, Loss={Inc:0.000000,Out:0.000000}, Choke={Inc:0.406249,Out:0.000000}, ConnectionTime={76.035049 seconds}, GameTime={89.610000 seconds}

L 04/27/2024 - 16:42:52: [smac_eyetest.smx |] FATIMA (ID: STEAM_0:1:188142134 | IP: was banned for cheating with their eye angles. Eye Angles: 357 27 0
Map: dod_orange_4_towers_b2 | Origin: -403 340 0 | Angles: -3 23 0 | Weapon: weapon_c96 | Team: 3 | Latency: 70ms





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