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Hello Pietos,

I'm sorry but I was clearly not camping on the teleporters. If that was real, I would shut my mouth cause I know the rules of the server, but I clearly disagree.

We were both stucked on the teleporter, you saw that I had my bazooka undeployed, and after 3-5 seconds being stucked, I took my shovel to kill you in order to be unstucked.

You also know that on mario or air_fight that's really common to respawn with other people on teleporters.

You saw this ONE time and for you that was camping. I don't really get the logic in there, above all when you can see others players clearly in crouching position with there shovel or knife waiting for respawn on teleporter (you should watch Captain Olimar or Malte play sometimes...).

You can ask to schumi, giba and others admins I saw sometimes, they never saw me camping.

So now I'm going to wait 7 days when others banned for this reason usually wait for 4h-2d... that's really too bad cause I really like your mod and people in there, that's really fun..

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the thing is just we say it in every round no teleport camping or leave the teleporter please immediately
I always run off even if I'm still in the air just not to get stuck there can calmly one jump behind but we don't get stuck because I just start running right away still in flight
furthermore this has happened many times that you then killed me in the teleporter with the spade

We make the punishments now harder and longer said players like Malte or captain olimar then also fail to do so

with you together I also banished chanclasch since he was right behind the teleporter with the MG

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ban ist auf 2 Tage zurück gesetzt worden


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Thanks guys for your reply.


I disagree and that will be my last post, everyone has its opinion.

Here, I killed you 3-5 seconds after we got stuck, time to catch the shovel. If I was camping, I would already have the shovel one and killed right after your respawn.

And when I kill you directlyon the respawn with the shovel, I'm always on the 4 last levels (or I follow you trying to kill you with my shovel) and always my shovel/knife on. At these levels, I respawn every 2 seconds cause I always fall, so yea, the probability I respawn with someone is higher. If respawning at the last levels with it and killing someone on spawn when stucked is a problem, you just have to tell me and I'll find a solution (your trick I didn't know, or spectate then get back to a team for example). Cause that's not camping like chanclash or malte who are waiting for someone to respawn.

If this can't be heard, you should watch me sometimes on the teleporters map and you'll see zero camp. I know it's not funny to see someone play, but give me a chance. And if according to you one day you see me camping, just tell me. And I'll stop playing these teleporters maps.


But I agree with your arguments for people who are waiting at respawn, I just found that's just not the good situation for them.


Thanks Matze for the update at 2 days and thanks everyone at CP for the server, the mod and the good relationship.


Friede sei mit dir und bis bald! (google translate, I hope it's ok )

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