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Ban : moolt
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Hello CP,


I got ban yesterday from the Gun game server, I would like to know the reason.

I have 5000 hours of dods and I never cheated, I play on this server for years that is why i dont understand.

I know some admins think I am cheating but this is not true and everyone knows it. I play on many servers and they know me.

Dods is a small community, there is few players left so if you ban for nothing you will just kill the game.

You can ask some good players they will tell you I dont cheat at all. You can stay hours in spectator watching me you will see nothing because there is nothing to see.

Also there is some players like Sonia who always win and you dont ban them, so what is the difference ?

I come here peacefully to clarify things, I was respecting the rules, i did nothing wrong...


kind regards,


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ich habe es an den Entsprechenden Admin Jonny Tabasco weiter geleitet das er sich melden soll.

gruß Matze

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Hello moolt,

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the impact it's having on our small community.
It's great to hear that you value having as part of our community.

While it's impressive to see a player perform so well, it's important to maintain a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. Winning consistently can indeed be frustrating for other players, and it's natural for them to seek a more competitive and engaging environment.

To address this issue kindly, you might consider receiving many messages from admins, of course me included, in question, expressing our appreciation for your skills and dedication to the community. At the same time, we gently suggest that it could be more enjoyable for all if they occasionally allowed other players to have their moments of success too. Encouraging sportsmanship and fairness in the community can go a long way in fostering a positive gaming environment.

Remember, it's all about promoting camaraderie and enjoyment for everyone involved. You should hopefully understand the importance of balance and ensuring everyone has a good time.
best regards Rudolf
P.S. Its not about only you, but its like it is... and only 3 days, because you dont follow for short pause, as i asked you personally as well!
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